Our purpose is to put women at the heart of transforming Africa's environmental movement.

Our vision is that WE Africa sparks a movement of women leaders in Africa and beyond, who are role modelling a more effective and impactful way to do conservation. By delivering transformational and deeply African leadership experiences, amplified by a strong pay it forward approach and supported by a connected community, WE Africa is making tangible contributions to the sustainability and wellbeing of leaders and ecosystems. WE Africa is a beacon of hope for the future, locally and globally.

strategies to impact

To implement our vision, we have three co-strategies to impact



Leadership program

The one-year transformational WE lead experience is comprised of a range of leadership building opportunities for 20 top level women leaders from Africa each year.



Authentic storytelling

WE talk binds us to women leaders of diverse sectors, ages, countries, and across triumphs and challenges through authentic storytelling and shared experience.



Movement building

Our fellows and support team have been building out WE move to effectively scale our impact and pay it forward through collective action.

Part of my plea, as a person who has come from philanthropy for many years is to trust the women of Africa, invest big in them, and think big of them as they think big and they want to do good work. The deeper your investment in people the more you will see impact.

Dr Musimbi Kanyoro



WE Africa's "Understanding & Adapting" team is dedicated to monitoring and evaluating WE Africa's progress toward our mission and vision and providing real time input from coaches, the delivery team and fellows to ensure we co-create.

Key insights

To assess the impact of the program, we employed an Understanding and Adapting process (U&A) which included conducting hour long 1:1 introductory and exit interviews with each WE Fellow supplemented by written feedback from the coaches. Here are some key takeaways.

90% of fellows reported having a better sense of self-awareness at the end of WE Africa than at the beginning.

78% of fellows said they were now more confident in their leadership skills than at the start of the fellowship.

Success rates increased from 40% to 64% of fellows successfully seeking and obtaining opportunities.

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